Bulk watermeters

AQUILA V3 DIN is a bulk meter designed for network metering and invoicing substantial quantities of  cold  water. It  is  characterized  by  its  very  high  measuring  dynamics,  insensitivity  to  disturbance  and  easy maintenance. AQUILA  V3  DIN  is  modular  and  can  be  fitted  with  IZAR  radio  or  the  pulse  emitter  IZAR  PULSE, gateway to other systems. It has a CE certificate (MID) and complies with the EN 14154, OIML R49 and  ISO  4054  standards  in  the  horizontal  position.  Its  metrological  performances  outstand  the Regulations requirements for high and low flow rates alike.


For measuring of fluctuating flows in the utility sector.


The bulk water meter WESAN WP can be used for measuring the flow (cold water up to 30 °C) in supply lines with high flow at low pressure loss.


Meter for measuring heavily fluctuating flow rates.


Meter for measuring heavily fluctuating flow rate

WESAN WP H E - Hydrant Tester

Fully electronic hydrant tester for checking the actual amount of water in m³/h (cold water up to 30 °C) available at the end of the pipe. Highly accurate recording of all billing data.