Every water meter of MOM Zrt. reflects over 100 years experience gained during the development and manufacturing of precision meters. Thanks to our wide range of products, we can satisfy all kinds of expectations and demands of public-utility companies and their individual consumers.

Our wide range of products offer solutions for all kinds of water measuring tasks. We offer both mechanic and electronic equipment, single jet meters like (AQUARIUS and AQUARIUS S/RS/P), multiple jet meters like (CORONA MWI and CORONA MCI), volumetric meters like (ALTAIR) as well as Woltman system based industrial water meters and static ultrasonic meters.

Almost all of our water meters are supplied with - wired or wireless M-Bus, Real Data or Open Metering standard — interfaces (AMR) that allow automatic meter readings and the geometry of the meter ensures later installation of communication modules. This way, we can ensure our customers a background that ensures systematic development of the necessary infrastructure. The innovative ultrasonic technology and intelligent electronics of our latest developments, HYDRUS water meters, have been designed to meet the expectations of near future Smart Metering applications.

Besides the manufacturing and sale of new instruments, we can also provide refurbishment services of water meters. Contrary to the usual practice, we carry out the recertification of the instruments with the complete replacement of the inserts at the refurbishment base of MOM Zrt,; so in a unique manner we practically provide our partners with new water meters. Moreover, instead of the usually applied traditional meters, we ensure the installation of smart instruments into the suppliers’ network that allow radio readings. You cannot find a more cost-efficient way for the waterworks to convert to smart measurement.


The range of MOM products used for the measurement of thermal energy have proven their reliability world-wide even in the severe most conditions.

Our product range ensures solutions tailored to meet all kinds of demands. Our innovative ultrasonic meter is a significant and future shaping element of thermal energy measurement. The design and technical composition of our new SHARKY product family has gone through significant changes, which allow their easy and flexible connection to any AMR or Smart Metering system. In addition to the above, the traditional, mechanic thermal energy measuring instruments also form part of our supply (RAY).

We have placed significant emphasis on the development of communication capacities for years. As a result, all thermal energy-measuring instrument of MOM are available with wired or wireless communication interfaces. In addition, the open (OMS) telegram allows the use of our equipment with Smart applications.

We also repair and re-certify the old thermal energy meters in our state-of-the-art laboratory with the same attention to quality that we repair water meters.



AERIUS, the newly introduced gas meter by MOM, represents future oriented and innovative thinking which breaks away from traditional, mechanic measuring principle and emphasizes  modern, up-to-date technologies.

The applied micro thermal measuring principle has been reliably used for several years for industrial equipment. Thanks to AERIUS, the technology is available for domestic meters as well. The most significant advantage of AERIUS is that it ensures direct reading, standard quantities (independent of temperature and pressure) – and simple and reliable data for invoicing.

Besides the above, the maximum measuring accuracy combines with intelligent communication. Beyond its reliable and secure operation, the AERIUS can be integrated into any AMR system with a wired or wireless interface and standard protocols (M-Bus, OMS), so the instrument can also be used with Smart applications.


The portfolio of the company is completed with ELICIUS, a smart meter that is suitable for measuring electric consumptions of both households and smaller industries. The meter, ELICIUS, can operate as a single or multiple tariff meter as well. Using wireless wM-Bus, the DIEHL Metering offers excellent solutions for P2P communication demands or even for Fixed Network applications, but can also be used in wired M-Bus systems.

Besides its smart measuring instruments and related infrastructure, MOM offers a complete intelligent communication solution for the development of Smart Networks. The IZAR system, which is our own development, can be combined with several types of measuring equipment and structures. It can flexibly be adjusted to the individual software of the consumer and it supplies measuring data and other functions well. Most types of water, gas and thermal energy meters available at the market can also be integrated into the system and not only most modern digital equipment, but many of the older types can also be supplied with M-Bus or OMS interfaces.





The application of our IZAR system with its intelligent interface and Open Metering Standard protocol ensures the tracking of consumption data, alarms and other features of water, thermal energy, gas and electric current. All these are available from one hand offered by the wide range of MOM products let it be a complete AMR system or a Smart Metering application.

Innovative data reading technologies, data loggings and software elements also contribute to our full range system technique portfolio. We have developed and manufactured all the electronic equipment and radio modules by ourselves for years.

Excellent results of our systems operating in several countries of the world prove that we have set high standards in the field of remote reading. The explanation of which is simple: let it be radio or cabled communication, M-Bus or Open Metering Standard protocol, fix or mobile reading, we have several years of experience behind us starting from design, through installation to continuous support - all the above in intensive cooperation with our customers.


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